Disappointment Creek

Since at least the early 1970’s, this area has been known as a major contributor of salinity and sediment into the Colorado River. Streams and watercourses throughout much of this area have become deeply incised with collapsing banks. Uplands have reduced cool season bunchgrasses, particularly the highly erosive soils where nearly all grasses have been eliminated. In the 1980’s the BLM set forth recovery objectives in order to reduce the salinity and sediment loads. Unfortunately, it appears that the BLM failed to implement the necessary changes and as a result the same conditions as were found in the 1980’s continue today. In 2009, the BLM found the allotments in this area to be failing Rangeland Health Standards, but prescribed as the solution allowing livestock supplements and water in areas not heavily impacted by livestock. WWP commented on the deficient EA and knowing that a decision based on it would be difficult to defend, issued an annual authorization while redoing the NEPA document.

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