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Erik Molvar in The Hill

Erik Molvar is a contributing writer for The Hill, a Washington-based policy news outlet. He served as managing editor for 50 Years of American Wilderness, published as part of the interagency Wilderness 50th Anniversary celebration. Molvar is author of 15 books on western public lands, including Wyoming’s Red Desert: A Photographic Journey, and has contributed writing and photography to several others. He is a wildlife biologist and serves as the Executive Director for Western Watersheds Project.

How to turn our energy future from a dystopian nightmare to a sustainable solution  The Hill, 27 Dec. 2021

How best to conserve public and private lands under the 30 x 30 Initiative  The Hill, 26 May 2021

Trump administration calls wild horses biggest threat to public lands — here are the real threats ~ The Hill, 10/12/19

Cows, carbon and climate change ~ 8/3/19

How sheep ranching spreads disease ~ 5/13/19

Putting America’s gray wolves back in the crosshairs 3/16/19

Ryan Zinke was no Theodore Roosevelt ~ 12/17/18

Congress can’t give ranchers a pass when they abuse national park access 10/2/18

Yellowstone’s recovery: Lessons for the West 9/23/18

American wildlife need responsible public land drilling to be more profitable than cutting corners 5/5/18

Livestock grazing on federal public lands is a privilege — not a right 4/22/18

The sad truth of using public lands for cattle grazing 3/30/18

Bundy mistrial highlights federal failures to bring criminals to justice 12/26/17

Don’t speak for Westerners when exploiting public land 9/21/17

Court smacks down Wyoming efforts to suppress science 9/9/2017

Ranchers and politics are killing Oregon’s endangered wolves 9/2/2017

The president can make monuments — but he can’t take them away 8/28/17

It’s time for the ag industry to end its war on native wildlife 7/26/2017

Why removing Yellowstone grizzlies from endangered species list is wrong 7/6/2017

Oregon’s Klamath Tribe shows stewardship with water call, The Hill, May 10, 2017

Trump’s Interior candidates would play Russian roulette with West 12/1/2016

Bundys win in federal court, lose in court of public opinion 

The feds’ sage grouse sleight-of-hand 10/04/2016

At Standing Rock, a wake-up call on fossil fuels 09/29/2016

A tale of two wildlife refuges 

Attacking the special-interest loopholes in federal sage grouse plans 

Salmon benefit as road scars heal 

Utah’s public lands ‘grand bargain’ falls on its face 

4 lessons from the Bundys’ Oregon misadventure 

12 steps to climate sobriety 12/17/2015

We can live cleaner and greener 

Keep publicly owned fossil fuel deposits in the ground 

Federal sage grouse plans abandon scientific integrity 

Don’t export America’s climate impacts 09/16/2015

What America thinks about sage grouse conservation 

Federal plans pave the way to a sage grouse listing 

California and Nevada sage grouse protections disappear into hot air 

How the West was lost? 

Oil industry tries to prove science is unscientific 

Corporate crimes against nature  03/20/2015

Energy policy insanity, from both sides 

No excuses left for delaying Keystone pipeline construction 

Is Keystone about energy security or naked greed? 

Anti-fracking fringe 12/16/2014

Congress’s hostile takeover of endangered species efforts 
of an epic battle between progress and Congress 

Gunnison sage-grouse gets a measure of federal protection 12/08/2014

Fracking loses an election deep in the heart of Texas 

What a Republican Senate means for the environment 

In the desert, a wilderness gathering 10/30/2014

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