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Fighting for the future of the American West

Together we can protect western public lands from the destructive effects of livestock grazing.

Livestock grazing on public lands is devastating natural habitats.


Native wildlife is dying out.

Competition for forage and the spread of disease make it difficult for native wildlife to survive.


Plant species are dwindling.

Livestock grazing results in the spread of invasive weeds and the dwindling and extinction of native plants.


Streams & wetlands suffer.

Waterways are polluted with fecal coliform contamination, impacting stream habitats and fish populations.


Public recreation is at risk.

When watersheds and wildlife are devastated, recreational opportunities for the public suffer as well.

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These lands belong to all of us. By working together, we can preserve and protect them.

We're working to protect the watersheds and wildlife of the American West.

Since 1993, we've been uncompromising in our commitment to addressing public lands livestock problems.
Here's how we do it:


We provide detailed, science and legal-based comments to federal projects and plans, advocating for actions that protect and restrore healthy native ecosystems.


We appeal and litigate environmentally harmful decisions, reversing ecologically destructive land management for public lands.


We advocate in Congress and within the administration for laws and regulations that improve environmental protections and move public lands toward a healthier state.

If you love the West, join us!

Public lands are a great treasure of the American West. But sadly, the watersheds and wildlife on many of these lands are being destroyed by the effects of livestock grazing.

At Western Watersheds Project, we know that public lands belong to all of us, and we are fighting to save them. Through legal action, political advocacy, and science-based public policy initiatives, we work to protect and restore the watersheds and wildlife on our public lands.

With your support, we are winning legal victories and influencing public policy. Together we can preserve the future of the American West!