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Desert Tortoise Preservation



BLM halts some construction at Ivanpah Power Plant

In Court

News Release 1/17/11
WWP Sues to Stop Fast Tracked Power Plant in CA
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WWP Challenge Grazing in Bodie Hills to Protect Mono-Basin Sage grouse

News Release 11/4/10
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WWP Litigates National Forests Grazing Categorical Exclusions

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Ivanpah Solar Thermal Threatens Thousands of Desert Tortoise

News Release 4/19/11
BLM Temporarily Halts Fence Construction On The “Fast Tracked” Ivanpah Solar Power Plant

News Release: 11/23/09
Federal Judge Orders Stay On BLM Plan to Increase Grazing On Sage Grouse, Pygmy Rabbit, & Bighorn Sheep Habitat

LA Times
Slow, steady — and under siege


Reducing the impact of summer cattle grazing on water quality in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California

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