WWP Will Not be Silenced!

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Today, Western Watersheds Project filed a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit brought by Wyoming ranchers last summer who sued WWP for alleged trespass. WWP was targeted by ranchers for exposing poor water quality conditions on public lands grazing allotments, conditions the livestock industry hoped to hide through its retaliatory legal case, but for which they’ve failed to identify any injury or remedy.

The ranchers’ allegations are too speculative to form the basis of a substantive lawsuit and should be dismissed from further proceedings. WWP did not knowingly trespass and the ranchers can’t provide any factual evidence proving otherwise. It is simply a distraction from the real issue that these permittees are polluting public waters on public lands with their irresponsible livestock grazing management.

This lawsuit is contrary to public interest, and is taking valuable time and resources away from WWP’s important work monitoring waterways and upland habitats, reviewing BLM and Forest Service decisions, and advocating for sensitive species.

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