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Seeps, Springs and Riparian Zones - 4th Year Report
Look at: Seeps, Springs & Riparian Zones of
Selected Public Land Regions; Volume IV

Featured Report

Quid Pro Quo Wilderness - a new threat to public landsWatershed Conditions
Uinta Wilderness, Utah

Dr. John Carter
Western Watersheds Project

Left: Wilderness Values Degraded
Right: Wilderness Values Preserved

A collection of papers from the November 11, 2000 Symposium on the Ecosystems of the Owyhee held in Boise, Idaho.
(PDF)  Also look at the Owyhee Initiative: A Collaborative Assault on Public Lands and Environmental Laws, March 2004 Summary (PDF)  Analysis (PDF)

A SPECIAL REPORT: Grazing is costing taxpayers, By Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News 10/24/02 (PDF)

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