Seeps, Springs and Riparian Zones of Selected Public Land Regions, Volume 4
Post Season Grazing Report: A Fourth Year Update
Cassia, Oneida, Power, and Twin Falls Counties, Idaho

Prepared by Red Willow Research Inc. for Western Watersheds Project, 2002

Cow grazing along major recreation road, Albion Division, SNF
Cow grazes in spring site along a major recreation road
Albion Division, Sawtooth National Forest


Chapter 1:  Introduction to a 4th Year Update
Chapter 2:  Albion Division & Adjacent Lands
Chapter 3:  Black Pine Division & Adjacent Lands
Chapter 4:  Cassia Division & Adjacent Lands
Chapter 5:  Cotterel Mountains
Chapter 6:  Jim Sage Mountains
Chapter 7:  Middle Mountains
Chapter 8:  Shoshone Basin
Chapter 9:  Sublett Division & Adjacent Lands
Chapter10: A 4th Season Conclusion:
                  Resource Management Failures
Appendices: for maps, references, or appendices please see Volume I.

All photos are by Red Willow Research Inc.

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