The purpose of this update is to provide a brief monitoring report of the riparian sample sites that appeared in Volumes I, II, and III of the large report "Seeps, Springs, and Riparian Zones of Selected Public Land Regions". This brief re-survey information is also available on CD and has been made available to the public and to area land managers at no cost. Additional copies or information may be obtained by contacting Western Watersheds Project, Box 1770, Hailey, ID  83333 (208-788-2290).

As in past year’s surveys, it has been found that even under drought conditions an area of public land can improve if substantial changes in management- such as elimination of livestock or substantial changes in use- have been made. Unfortunately, many public land locations have continued to receive poor or no management attention; resulting in severe to extreme resource impacts to public lands that belong to the American people at large.

The accompanying report update includes photos and brief commentary on more than 130 riparian sites on state and federal lands utilized for domestic livestock grazing in Cassia, Oneida, Power, and Twin Falls Counties in southern Idaho. For additional data on geographical locations, for prior report references, or for maps and allotment locations please refer to the references and appendices in Volumes I, II, or III.

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