A special thank you is given to Red Willow Research Inc. volunteer field staff and to all individuals, organizations, and agencies that have assisted in any way with the many years of research and observation associated with this report. Thank you one and all for the many suggestions and encouragement received prior to completion of the final report. A special thank you for the comments and suggestions obtained through professional peer review. Thank you to Red Willow Research Inc. for final project funding, for funding the production of initial report copies, and for producing and making available CD-ROM report copies (free of charge) to interested parties and to the American public at large.


Photo Credits

Unless otherwise noted, all photos within this report have been taken by the author during past or current year contract and volunteer projects under the direction of Red Willow Research Inc. Many of the photos have been taken by the report author specifically for this water development project. Photos previously taken on behalf of contract entities have been re-used by permission, and have been selected from Red Willow Research Inc archives.


About the Author

Miriam L. Austin is a professional field biologist with an AAS, AS, and BA in the combined fields of Natural Science and Field Biology. The author is currently completing an MA in Conservation Biology. The author has over 25 years of professional and educational experience in the natural sciences- including field biology, bat and mine resources, field botany, ecology, and human health; and in the agricultural sciences- including soils, agricultural economics, and livestock health and production. The author has agency and industry experience with natural resource management, livestock production and management, and veterinary and human health sciences. The author plans on continuing her lifelong educational goals through pursuit of a PhD in Western Range Ecology.

Red Willow Research is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to education, conservation, and preservation efforts on behalf of western wildlife habitats. Red Willow Research Inc. provides volunteer and contract services to state and federal agencies, conservation groups, civic organizations, educational institutions, and to private industry for conservation related projects.

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