WWP Extends Thanks To All Our Supporters For Making 2007 A Memorable And Successful Year

WWP Online Messenger #134

Western Watersheds Project has had a very successful year in 2007 with a major legal victory in June that overturned the Bush Administration’s new and very bad regulations for livestock grazing on over 160,000,000 acres of public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.

And in December 2007 Western Watersheds Project overturned the Bush Administration’s denial of Endangered Species Act protection for Greater Sage Grouse. In that case Judge B. Lynn Winmill issued a striking admonishment to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the illegal and unprecedented meddling of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior Julie McDonald who resigned in disgrace in May 2007.


These two striking victories and all the other successes of WWP in 2007 could not have been achieved without our excellent legal staff at Advocates For The West in Boise and the critical financial support of all WWP’s members and supporters.

The Staff and Board Members of WWP Wish Everyone Receiving WWP’s Online Messenger a Healthy, Happy and Rewarding New Year in 2008 !

Healthy Sagebrush
Healthy sagebrush Photo © Montana FWP

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