WWP Wins A Federal Court Order Remanding A Kingman, Arizona BLM Grazing Decision on 412,000 Acres

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WWP Wins Appeal of Grazing Decision on 412,000 Acres of Arizona Desert

This important decision will benefit native Arizona wildlife like these two charismatic species:

Gila Monster

Desert Tortoise


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Secretary Of The Interior Ken Salazar Shows His Cards- Wolves To Be Delisted In Idaho And Montana.  Killing Will Start Soon.

Idaho Wolf

Today The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it would delist wolves in Idaho and Montana from protections of the Endangered Species Act. The announcement confirms fears that the new Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, whose family has ranched in Colorado and New Mexico has chosen to support the western ranching culture of death in one of his first major decisions implementing the Endangered Species Act. The decision is identical to one proposed by the late Bush administration.

The result of this decision will be the killing of as many as 300 wolves in Idaho in 2009.

Western Watersheds Project will participate in litigation to overturn this unfortunate decision.

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