WWP to File Suit Against the Sawtooth National Forest

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On Friday June 29, 2001, two male wolves with the White Hawk Pack were killed by U.S. Government gunners after five sheep were killed last Thursday evening (6/28) apparently by the wolves. The wolf killing took place in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in central Idaho near Horton Peak. This leaves one radio collared male wolf (alpha status unknown), the alpha female (who is uncollared), and nine puppies about ten weeks old weighing about 15-18 pounds each. These remaining members of the White Hawk pack are, in all likelihood, doomed.

Because the U.S. Forest Service has had ample opportunities to require that sheep and cattle on public lands be moved away from the known wolf locations in the valley and, as yet, has failed to act, Western Watersheds Project will be filing a lawsuit to force the Sawtooth National Forest to determine if their management of livestock in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area violates the SNRA enabling legislation of 1972 and the Sawtooth National Forest Plan which give precedence to wildlife, fisheries, and recreation over livestock use.