WWP Acts to Protect the 'Path of the Pronghorn' in Wyoming

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Western Watersheds Project, represented by the Western Environmental Law Center, is acting to protect an ancient migratory route necessary for the survival of Pronghorn antelope in western Wyoming known as the "Path of the Pronghorn" !

Despite acknowledging the vital importance to pronghorn antelope of this 6,000 year old migratory corridor, the U.S. Forest Service has approved the construction of private livestock grazing developments on public land that threaten to disrupt the pronghorns' bi-annual migration from the Red Desert to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

From Western Watersheds Project's News Release:

The structures -a permanent corral, holding pasture, and additional fencing – are to be located at the confluence of Slate Creek and the Gros Ventre River in Wyoming. This area is a critical link in the “Path of the Pronghorn,” an annual migration corridor for the species between the Upper Green River Valley (near Pinedale) and Grand Teton National Park. The Path of the Pronghorn is the longest remaining migration of any land mammal in the lower 48 states.

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