Western Watersheds Project Wins in Wyoming

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For a second time Western Watersheds Project just won an important stay of a Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) proposal to build fencing and livestock water developments on one of the lower 48 states' largest unfenced landscapes, the Green Mountain Common Allotment in Wyoming.

Green Mountain Common Allotment

On August 10th, 2011 Administrative Law Judge Harvey C. Sweitzer ruled in favor of WWP’s petition for partial stay in the appeal of BLM’s decision to maintain status quo grazing management and construct 32 miles of fencing in the degraded 522,000 acre Green Mountain Common allotment.

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The Green Mountain Common allotment, one of the largest unfenced areas of BLM administered lands outside of Alaska, has been embroiled by controversy for decades due to severely degraded watershed conditions within the allotment and the repeated failures of the BLM to take the actions necessary for recovery.

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