Jarbidge Vigilante Alert !



An estimated 500 sagebrush rebels in the Humbolt National Forest, in Elko County, Nevada are planning THIS WEEKEND to illegally destroy bull-trout habitat in the Jarbidge River and reconstruct a nearby road. The United States Attorney for Nevada, Kathryn Landreth, has refused to support the Forest Service in their past and current efforts to protect the public’s lands from this direct assault. In turn, the Forest Service apparently will not be sending law enforcement to enforce federal laws and arrest these vigilantes. Rural vigilante activity is becoming commonplace throughout the western United States and the federal government cannot be permitted to back down, and sacrifice out heritage, in the face of threatened violence. Because of the real threat of violence, we encourage you to contact one of the people listed below and not attend the rally.

For more information, you can click on this excellent story by Salt Lake Tribune reporter Brent Isrealson: http://www.sltrib.com/1999/oct/10061999/nation_w/34800.htm

What You Can Do

Please call Janet Reno, United States Attorney at (202) 514-2001, fax at (202) 514-4371 or e-mail at web@usdoj.gov and tell her that the federal government should actively protect the bull-trout and support the Humbolt National Forest in enforcing federal laws. Ask her to direct US Attorney Kathryn Landreth to uphold her duty to enforce the law on the Humbolt National Forest.

Please call Kathryn Landreth, United States Attorney for Nevada, at (702) 388-6336, fax at (702) 388-6803 and tell her that the U.S. Attorney’s Office needs to work hand-in-hand with the Humbolt National Forest Supervisor and actively protect the bull-trout, and if necessary prosecute to the fullest extent of the law citizens who destroy federal resources and property.

Please call Michael Dombeck, Chief, United States Forest Service, at (202) 205-1661, fax at (202) 205-1765, e-mail at chief/wo@fs.fed.us and tell him that the Forest Service must protect the bull-trout and our federal lands in the Humbolt National Forest from acts of rural vigilantism.