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Western Watersheds Project opposes the construction of the proposed China Mountain Wind Project in Twin Falls County, Idaho and Elko County, Nevada.  This industrial wind development would destroy one of the last strongholds of Sage grouse in southwest Idaho and northern Nevada that provides critical habitat and connectivity between key populations of Sage grouse as well as many other species of native wildlife.

WWP encourages readers to email comments to the Bureau of Land Management by July 6 expressing the following:


  • I oppose the construction of the proposed China Mountain Industrial Wind Project
  • I support the selection of the "No Action Alternative" in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  • I support additional protections for the entire project area of the proposed China Mountain Industrial Wind Project including designating the entire area as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

Please email your comments to with "China Mountain Wind Project" as the subject line.

Thank You !


Brown's Bench © Katie Fite, WWP 2008


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Photos of China Mountain/Brown's Bench public lands © Katie Fite, WWP

Read WWP's Policy Statement on Renewable Energy Development

In support of alternative energy, Western Watersheds Project will encourage RES Americas to relocate its proposed China Mountain project to already disturbed and degraded private agricultural lands in Nevada and Idaho that provide equally valuable wind resources without destroying critically needed wildlife habitat on public lands.


Jon Marvel
Executive Director