Dave Stricklan

Dave Stricklan – Western Watersheds Sagebrush Specialist and liaison to the Sagebrush Habitat Conservation Fund. Dave grew up on a working farm/ranch in central Idaho. He worked for 12 years as a wildlife biologist and range conservationist with the USDA Forest Service and then spent fourteen years teaching Wildlife Management, Range Ecology, and Stream Ecology at Brigham Young University – Idaho. He came to WWP from New Mexico State University, where he was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Range Department and taught Intro to Range Science, Rangeland Restoration Ecology, Rangeland Resource Ecology, and other classes. He has extensive experience in sagebrush and piñon juniper habitats as well as with riparian area restoration. He has discovered two fossil species new to science. He spends his free time reading on Zoom with his grandkids, being with his wife Juli, and wandering in places beyond where the road ends.


Contact Dave: dave@westernwatersheds.org; (575) 993-3868

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